What to Expect from Your Physiotherapist in Oromocto

Here in New Brunswick, we have direct access to physiotherapy services. This means that you do not need a doctor’s referral to be evaluated and treated by a physiotherapist. However, there are still some insurance companies that may require you to have a doctor’s referral for reimbursement. If you are not sure whether or not your insurance company requires such a referral, and intend to have us bill your insurance company, we encourage you to contact them to inquire about their requirements.

What To Expect During Your First Session

If you’ve never had physiotherapy before you might be wondering what to expect. Your first session is dedicated to evaluation of the condition for which you are seeking treatment.

The physiotherapist will ask you questions about your pain or other symptoms, then perform a physical examination of the problem area. This examination usually involves a variety of tests designed to determine the potential source or cause of your symptoms. Once the physiotherapist has formed an impression of what he or she believes is the cause of the symptoms, they will formulate a treatment plan designed to not only provide relief of the symptoms but also to rectify the cause.

Initial evaluations usually run about 60 minutes in length.

Follow-Up Treatments

The majority of courses of physiotherapy usually entail two or three clinical sessions per week, along with more frequent performance of a home-based program provided to you by the therapist. After a set amount of time, typically about three to four weeks, the physiotherapist will re-examine the problem area to see how you are progressing. You will also be provided with a home program to facilitate your progress.

Treatment sessions are typically 30 minutes in duration. We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule as best as possible.

Follow-Up Treatments

Depending on the region being worked on, most people usually bring a change of clothing (something comfortable to move in, such as shorts, a t-shirt or other exercise clothing). If you forget to bring comfortable clothing, we have plenty of extra clothing at our clinic.